PROD Checklist


I am about to put my first Phoenix/Elixir project into PROD and was starting a checklist for myself of pre-release things to check/implement.

If everyone else is like me I have partially implemented some things and then deferred the full implementation to focus on functionality.

I thought it might be useful to post them here as I go but also for others who have been down this track to post their own experiences/tips/tricks and gotchas.

I will keep updating the list and linking to other posts with details (That’s the plan anyway).


  1. Logging

Some ideas:

  1. Migrations/DB rollbacks
  2. Performance tests
  3. Service behaviour on external API failures
  4. Metrics (business and technical)
  5. Maintenance/running one-off tasks (i.e. data backfills)
  6. Documentation
  7. Customer communication