Vscode Credo extension

Hey guys,

I’ve just released a new Credo vscode extension: Credo Linter - Visual Studio Marketplace

And on Github:

The other ones didn’t work well for me and also seemed to be abandoned, so I decided to craft a new one. I also looked through reported bugs of the other extensions and made sure they would be resolved in this one. Hopefully, I didn’t miss any bug and it should work flawlessly :sweat_smile:

If something doesn’t work, please let me know here or on Github.


Released v0.2.0


  • Log executed commands and errors to Credo Linter channel

  • Added keywords to package.json


  • Change default mix command to mix credo --strict


  • Fix linting single files

@adamzapasnik this is great! Thanks so much for releasing. Worked perfectly for me.

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Released v0.3.0


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