2019/08/27-30 - ElixirConf - Aurora, CO

Early Bird Tickets for ElixirConf® US 2019 are now available!


More info to follow.


I may have just missed it, but are hours for training and talks (at least first and last talk of the day) posted? I’m planning flights and hotels and such.

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Hi. I know this is late, but just got the forum to recognize me as a human and not a computer.

I hope to have the schedule posted by the end of the week.
Training registration will start at 7:30 AM and end at 5:00PM,
both Tuesday and Wedneday.

The conference will open registration at 7:00AM on Thursday and end around 7:00PM. On Friday registration will start at 8:00AM and the conference will close around 6:00PM.