Could Hexdocs embed livebook pages?

While browsing for the 100th time the docs for Broadway I realized that the Kafka adapter documentation was very similar to a presentation about Kafka I gave a while back using livebook.

It sets up a consumer, than a producer and shows the flow of messages from to the other. This is a very good example to follow through something like Livebook.

Do you people it would be feasible for Hexdocs to serve .livemd files? At least a read-only version of that? Some libraries would greatly benefit from that but thousands/millions of people accessing the same page at the same time might be non acceptable for current infrastructure.

What are your thoughts on that?

Hexdocs is basically static website hosting. You can use any generator for the html files hosted on it. They just need to land in the appropriate folder when running mix docs. E.g. phoenix hosts their js docs on hexdocs: phoenix 1.5.12 | Documentation

Yep! I know current documentation is static but I think livebooks would be a great new addition to the feature-set of Hexdocs. And to that we would need a liveview server on hexdocs infrastructure. That is why this should be a hexdocs feature and not a ex_doc feature I think. But I may be missing something here

There’s two issues that I see with that:

  • No sandboxing / limitations within the beam instance a livebook is connected to
  • Cost
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See Add support for LiveBook's `.livemd` Markdown files by samharnack · Pull Request #1386 · elixir-lang/ex_doc


That is awesome :slight_smile:

Thanks for sharing!

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What would it take for hexdocs to serve a livemd file I could upload into my own livebook instance?
I find myself copy/pasting into livebook quite a bit lately to experiment and explore new libraries