Dockerator - a tool for turning Elixir apps into Docker images

Hello, I’ve just released Dockerator - a tool for turning Elixir apps into Docker images.

It is especially useful if you use a lot of dependencies hosted on private git/ssh repositories but there also a few other use cases in which it might be a time saver.


Hi @mspanc, is this project still active? I see distillery is used in the project. So far as I know it can be replaced by elixir’s built-in mix release since 1.9, otherwise there will be a conflict when the project is using Elixir >= 1.9.

The reason why I asked is because I have a private hex package for deployment having a lot in common with your library. It “dockerize” elixir projects, and deploy them to kubernetes cluster. Before making it public, I want to see if this is necessary. If I can use existing hex packages, there is absolutely no need to create another one, and we can together make one solution stay tuned.

Hi, the project is being used in several places but definitely needs an update.

I’d be glad to create a joint solution.

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I just make my library public:
This library is quite mini as it only supports Elixir >= 1.9

We can see if we can join.

I’ve given your dockerize a whirl - and it’s great!!

Except for a minor issue - which I’ve commented on, in the repo, on github

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Thank you for reporting. I’m going to release a new version to fix it this weekend.