Elixir developer, skills required.

Hello !

I’m looking for a remote job as elixir/phoenix developer.

I have a degree in software engineer, I have a reasonable programming knowledge and I learned functional programming using Haskell in the University.

The problem is that I have no working experience in the industry, due to personal reasons I always worked in something else but now I want to start working as a remote developer and after discovered Phoenix seems to be a good technology to work on.

This is what I have done:

  • Read the book Programming Elixir ≥ 1.6.
  • Read the book Programming Phoenix ≥ 1.4.
  • Read the Phoenix documentation.
  • Started 2 or 3 projects just to practice.
  • Right now, I’m learning LiveView.

I learned this technologies:

  • Elixir
  • Phoenix
  • Absinthe
  • Git
  • PostgreSQL
  • Docker

The questions are,

  • Witch other technologies or skills I need to learn to be more likely hired to work?
  • There’s any open source project where I can work for free and gain experience ?
  • Where can I look for a remote job ? beyond Elixir Jobs and Linkedin.



If you’re trying to land a programming job without any professional experience my advice would be to create a project, any project, that showcases what you’ve learned and know how to do in code you can share with interviewers.


That might be obvious but familiarity with Linux system administration is also important.

What @tfwright says is so spot on.

I wrote about this in my own reflection on my career as a software developer.

I made my break almost 30 years ago. The technologies are obviously different today, but I believe the fundamental message I wrote then (search for “Hint to aspiring programmers” in that page) remains valid:

Find a problem that needs to be solved and solve it.

Your passion in having solved that problem will speak far louder than any bullet point you will ever put on your resumé.


PM me. Looking for a junior dev.

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