Google Play API in Elixir

I’ve recently started porting the Google Play API in Node.js to Elixir. Right now you can authenticate a Google account, get details of a published app and download its APK.

Currently my issue with it is that it relies on an external NPM module to decode protobuf data (since exprotobuf, gpb or erlang_protobuffs can’t decode a binary with the Protobuf v2 group type).

I’d appreciate feedback on the code, what to improve, etc. I’m also interested in finding out how should I write tests for testing API calls to google.

See the project on Github


Sounds like a fine opportunity to submit a PR to exprotobuf! :smiley:

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I’ve looked through their issues. exprotobuf uses gpb underneath, so protobuf-related PRs should be made to gpb. Sadly, I don’t know enough about Erlang (or Protobuf) to send in a PR. :confused: