Looking for freelance backend developer

Hi fellow developers,

I’m a frontend engineer, that’s looking to recruit a backend dev for some personal pet projects, that may swell in size later to more than just a personal pet project.

I’ve worked in Django projects and Ruby on Rails projects, and Phoenix / Elixir by far seems the most robust in terms of maintainability, performance, and other descriptor, and I love functional programming. I’m not a backend developer by trade… I do know a bit of Elixir and Phoenix though.

My name: Rey
My position: Frontend Engineer
Company name: None yet
Website: None yet
Country: US
Company info and history: No company yet, though I’ll be creating one soon.

About the job

Job title: Backend Engineer?
Job description:

I’d like to create two services / products / platforms (just two to start, but many more in the future). I know Elixir / Phoenix a bit (have read a bunch of books, done some courses) but I’m not a backend developer… I just know enough to know that this stuff seems to be much more maintainable / scalable fault tolerant than the systems I’ve worked on which had Django / Ruby on Rails in them.

Salary range: 20-40hr
Position on remote work: Perfectly fine! I would like to video chat for 30 min every now and then though to make sure we’re aligned.
Qualifications or experience required:
I’d like you to have around 2 years experience with Elixir / Phoenix or equivalent “dog years” experience, and I’d require you to have some production experience with Elixir / Phoenix.

What the successful job applicant will be working on:

I’d like to stay vague about exactly what I’d like to work on (and I’d require you to sign NDA / non compete stuff) but just to sort of talk high level: Tons of Phoenix work, Signup / Login functionality (both internal, and oAuth), creation of api’s that are optimal for mobile devices (thinking of building a Flutter app eventually), working with map data, tons of RDSM work, tons of Ecto work, maybe some GenServer stuff (that’s the thing where it’s data that exists in memory, right?) using Phoenix Live View, a lot of outside the box thinking (looking further than what’s being asked for), and tests for this. “Maybe” a bit of devops experience (getting things setup on Github / Gitlab, figuring out the proper setup for tracking work (can be a simple Kanban system), getting things setup on Gigalixir, complete with the domain setup, adding some CI/CD processes. I can definitely help on the CI/CD side of things, but this is definitely a bonus if you can do some of this. I also may implement some sort of “Cypress” e2e tests that would be apart of the CI/CD process, and you’d have to maintain these tests and add to them.

You wouldn’t be really working on CSS / design at all. Those are things that I’m capable of doing… though I’ll definitely need help getting certain data into the template, and figuring out the templating language at first.

Much much later on, there may be payment processing / subscription work potentially. There will be a TON of very interesting, varied, and cool work, and possibility for a part time position if things work out well.

About the interview process

I don’t really have the ability to vet your backend experience. I’m not totally sure the best way to do this, so feel free to suggest some ideas but… if the hourly rate you’d like is on the higher end, I’d probably contract someone in the community I trust to vet your skills. I’d then interview you, and see your experience working with frontend engineers, how you like to work, and talk a bit about what you’ve worked on, and all the other general interview questions.

Further info

I’d prefer to be contacted here, just so all the correspondence is in one place.

Thanks so much for the interest.



I have no idea if elixirforums has a private messaging system

It does.

You can click on the poster’s profile image, and then on the “Message” button in the popup to start a private conversation with them.

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I’m really not seeing it :smiley: Do you have to have a certain amount of posts first? Anyway, I won’t turn thread into tech support. Thanks for your help!!

Edit: Yep! I didn’t see the button because I was just registered!

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Hello Rey,

I’m interested in this opportunity. I was working as a backend developer for the Aeternity elixir-node and Savvy merchant wallet. So, I have production experience with Elixir and Phoenix. Are you still hiring?