Need help with implementing google recaptcha enterprise


I need to use the ReCaptcha enterprise version but I’m having problems understanding how exactly I do that with Elixir.

I’m looking at the google docs Create an assessment  |  reCAPTCHA Enterprise  |  Google Cloud and the hex docs API Reference — google_api_recaptcha_enterprise v0.4.0 but I do not understand how to create an elixir version.

For example, the Assessment module on the hexdocs only has one function (decode) but the google docs need different functions (as far as I understood…).

Has anyone ever worked with google Recaptcha enterprise with elixir? Can anyone help?


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I’ve used the Google FCM API package and looking at this one it seems that all the packages for Google APIs are auto-generated. The advantage is that they are up to date and feature-complete. The downside is that they are not developer-friendly really.

Most of the modules represent data structures that you’ll use for requests/responses. The functions that actually do stuff are here. You’ll need a connection - call


not very friendly indeed :smiling_face_with_tear:

thank you for the help, those are the functions I need and I will try to work with them.