Unable to get eth0 or wlan0 working on an rpi1

I’ve been trying to setup networking on an rpi1 B+ model, either ethernet or wireless and have had no luck with either. According to nerves_system_rpi both ethernet and my wireless USB dongle should work.

The main issue I’m having is I’m not able to get either of those network interfaces to even become available or recognised. Nerves.NetworkInterface.interfaces only returns lo, the nerves SystemRegistry only contains entries for lo, :inet.getiflist only returns lo, :os.cmd 'ip a' only returns details on lo, etc.

I’ve been playing around with both nerves_init_gadget and nerves_network with no luck.

Not sure where I’m going wrong here/what step I’m missing. So any pointers would be very appreciated.

This might be a bug. I haven’t tested a rpi1 b+ in a long time but one of a few things might be going on:

  1. a driver is not loaded
  2. a driver is crashing
  3. the rpi is faulty. (more likely than you might think)

Can you post us the output of :os.cmd('dmesg')?

Also are you getting access via a usb keyboard, or using a uart/tty cable?

Are there any particular entries from dmesg you’d want to see? Since only option I have for getting the complete output is taking photos of the display (which isn’t really the nicest thing to look through :confused:), as I don’t have a serial-to-usb.

The rpi could be faulty, I was thinking about putting raspbian back on the SD and double checking.