Dialyxir: reason why default plt location is `priv/plts/`?

What is the reason behind dialyxir looking for plt files in priv/pltsby default ?

AFAIK, priv files are put in releases by default, and I don’t understand why plt files should be in the release.

As far as I remember, it does not look there by default, but the readme suggests that place when running dialyzer on CI to be able to cache the PLT file.

Of course you can choose any other cachable location you like, but for local development you usually do not need to care, dialyxir has a layered approach that puts a “master” PLT for your erlang/elixir version combo in a location close to ~, while derivations of it are built (containing your dependencies) into _build of your project…

edit: The default lookup meachism is explained at https://github.com/jeremyjh/dialyxir#plt