Does anyone else wish they could easily iterate bit by bit through the Registry?

I end up using the Registry a lot to track large numbers of actor processes, usually hundreds of thousands or so. A lot of times, I’d like to slowly cycle through them, grabbing a couple hundred or so at a time.

If had something similar to a limit with continuations, I’d be a much happier camper.

Is this need hyper unusual? Or do others wish they had this functionality?

What do you mean by “iterate” in this instance? Like, inspect them in iex or?

Something similar to so that I could grab say 50 key-values at a time until I reached the end of the table. Except, the continuation would need to jump across table partitions. I can write something myself that does this, but it requires writing code against the internals of Registry – and it would be really nice if it were implemented at the top level.

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