Entrance - Flexible, lightweight and productive authentication for Plug, Phoenix and Ecto projects

A few months ago i found the Doorman library and very like the idea behind it, but it seemed abandoned (2017 issue with no responses, last update 17 months ago).

So i clone the code, update all dependences, code deprecations, docs and start working in something new with more features upon it, then born Entrance:

If you:

  • Need a lightweight authentication framework that offers the basics in a productive way.
  • Need a authentication framework that don’t depends on Phoenix.
  • Have a project with Doorman authentication and want to upgrade it.

I think Entrance can be a good fit!

Whats the thoughts?


Do you also know about the phx.gen.auth tool to generate an authentication system, that will be included into Phoenix?


Yes, but IMO Entrance still worth in a few cases, example: It can be used without Phoenix (and i plan to make more features in this direction). :slightly_smiling_face:

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And what’s the difference between Doorman/Entrance and Pow?