Prograils Elixir Course (Free)

Hi everybody,

Just wanted to let you know about the free online Elixir course by which has just been published on our website.

Thanks to the Prograils’ free online Elixir course, you can enter the realm of this increasingly powerful language. Starting with the short introduction about its origins, you will learn Elixir’s core concepts, including inter alia:

  • functional language paradigm,
  • data structures,
  • control flow mechanisms

and more to come!


Being one of the thriving programming languages of the last years, Elixir is gaining popularity across the globe with the increasing number of publications and hundreds of thousands of users switching to it. Considering its main assets, such as extensibility and productivity, Elixir is a way to go for both those who excel at different languages, and those with just the basics of programming.

Hope you enjoy the entirety of this course and have an awesome experience with it. Please get back with your impressions!


Looks neat :slight_smile: Will you be doing a similar course for OTP and Phoenix? :003:

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Sounds like a nice idea! We will see, the future holds countless opportunities. There are plans, though :wink: