Remote team of 3 available for new gigs

We are a remote team, which has an expertise in Ruby on Rails, Elixir, Ember.JS, scaling infrastructure and machine learning.

My name is Valentin Mihov and I am the lead of the team. You can find out more about me on my linkedin profile:

I have 9 years experience with Ruby on Rails and 1 year experience with elixir with 2 elixir projects, which I lead and shipped in production + one ongoing “side” project in Phoenix, which I am developing for some friends: In high-school I used to be a computer science competitor with gold and silver medals from international student competitions (algorithms and data structures).

As a side project, I built the largest website for training high school students in algorithmic competitions in Bulgaria: Source code: Peak traffic: 100k page views/week. 140000 source codes sent for grading and 1300+ algorithm tasks to solve.

I am also one of the organizers of a course about functional programming in Elixir in Sofia University: (in Bulgarian).

Sometimes I write in my blog. You can check it out here:

We are currently finishing a project we have been working on for the last 3.5 years and will be available for new gigs at the beginning of September.

The other 2 guys on the team are:

I’ve personally recruited and mentored them and I can give you details on the coding tasks I gave them during the interview process (PRs in an open source project).

We are looking for a remote opportunity. Lyudmil and Tsvetozar are available full-time and I am available part-time as I am working on some other projects. I think our team fits well in a start-up environment, where the development is fast paced, with an agile process involving code reviews, reliance on automated tests to reduce regressions and frequent production deploys.

My team is fascinated by the elixir language and the way Phoenix and Ecto are making you structure and implement web applications. This is the reason we decided to try to find an elixir project to contribute to. Let me know if any of the above interests you and we can discuss further.



We created a small webpage with a portfolio and some more information about us:

Hi there

Our SaaS product is a progress tracking solution for construction companies. It is a real time web application built with Elixir on Erlang VM using the Phoenix framework for back end with a PostgreSQL database.

The front end is React.js and Redux. There’s also a SemanticUI CSS and JS library for UI/UX.

It’s hosted on Heroku and uses some AWS for storage.

If you are adept with the Elixir and Phoenix framework, along with React + Redux, this is the perfect project for you to work on medium to long term as we have lots of big ambitions. Signed NDA and IP transfer will be required in advance of acceptance.

If you can handle the full stack, I’d be interested to discuss.