What’s the lowest RAM option to make an http/tcp request?

I’m trying to estimate the maximum number of concurrent requests that could be made to outside servers based on RAM available. I figured somebody here would already have a good idea.

This depends on the kind of request you do, the HTTP client/tcp implementation you use.

Basically: measure what your use case actually needs.

That’s what I’m trying to identify. My assumption is that I’ll need to be able to stream html responses to avoid storing the entire text in RAM.

But the BEAM refcounts most strings and is fairly efficient at binary storage in general?

I wish I had an answer for you but IMO your best bet is to load-test your server with various fixed requests per second and snapshot BEAM’s statistics and OS RAM usage.

Which of course brings the topic of telemetry which is of great interest to me.

I think that in most cases you will be limited by IO or your connection rather than by RAM.