What's new in Livebook 0.7

Livebook v0.7 is out! This is a major release coming with significant features in the following areas:

  • secret management
  • visual representations of the running system (supervision trees, inter-process messaging, and more)
  • an interactive user interface to visualize and edit Elixir pipelines

I just finished watching all the previous version YouTube videos😅, give me a break.

LiveView introduced so much, Phoenix Framework is going to do the same.

I am overwhelmed right now, as many things I learnt since starting 3 or 4 months back look different now.

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Great update! Also, really good example notebooks.

BTW is there a way to run Benchee in Livebook desktop apps? Seems to crash the cell.

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We’ll have a cool Kino integration with Benchee anytime soon: :slight_smile: