Api gateway / service mesh

A couple of microservice patterns appeared where the needed software could - maybe ideally - be built in elixir. The api gateway Elixir suitable for building a API gateway? (at least one has been built in elixir, see Elixir suitable for building a API gateway?). For event-driven / realtime api’s see (just info) https://realtimeapi.io/2020-50-percent-managed-apis-projected-event-driven/. There is also the service mesh: https://medium.com/microservices-in-practice/service-mesh-for-microservices-2953109a3c9a https://www.express-gateway.io/service-mesh-service-discovery-and-api-gateways/ https://www.nginx.com/blog/what-is-a-service-mesh/, to my knowledge there are no elixir implementations yet.