Are and Constable code bases considered good practice examples for building applications?

Hey all!

We were looking up examples of applications using Phoenix and ran across and Constable. They both had similar structures and we were wondering if these were good examples that showcased good/best practices when building applications.

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hi @anthonator! Great question.

This is an interesting topic. I imagine hexpm has the best practices nailed down since it is built by folks directly involved with building the language and tooling.

I haven’t researched that much on the forum yet, but I thought I’d post the ones that I do know about. I don’t know where most the websites are live, so if you do, please let me know and I’ll correct it.

cc: @AstonJ do we keep a list of open source phoenix apps? That’s probably something interesting to keep track. Should we create a thread for it? (PS: hope you are doing great!)

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There is a wiki here that could be updated… or you could start a new one if you like :smiley:

(I’m well thanks! Just a bit busy on the new forum atm. Hope you are ok too!)