Ash: Sqlite Support

Hey @zachdaniel!

I was going to bring Ash into a current project of mine to play around with it but was immediately blocked by lack of Sqlite support. I imagine this question has been asked before but I just can’t find any discussion about it on here or github and I don’t use Discord or Xwitter. So apologies for asking you to rehash here: are there immediate plans to support it or is it more of a “as soon as someone takes the wheel” type deal?


I asked about this on discord about a week ago, and the project was started as a clone of ash_postgres. Can’t say much more than that :stuck_out_tongue:

Ohhhhh thank you! Ya, I’m a dummy and only searched through the issues of pinned repositories.

It’s not ready yet! It is broken for even very basic things. It is on my list this week to get it working to a basic degree :slight_smile:

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Just want to make sure you don’t waste your time :laughing:

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Ha, ya, I saw the commit log :slight_smile: Maybe try it out anyway and see the chaos! My attention is split between three different projects right now so I don’t have the appetite to make a throwaway app for learning as I will just forget everything I learned!

You will probably have a tough time doing…anything, but feel free to try. :laughing:

I wouldn’t necessarily want you to bank on me getting it ready in the short term, but you could model much of your app using the ETS data layer and then switch to sqlite afterwards.

Oh that’s an interesting idea. I do have a postgres project but that one I’m a bit more hesitant to bring it in on as it’s much further along and larger. I’ll figure it out, lol. I’m getting more excited about the prospect of Ash. There are a couple of things I’m iffy about but I think I’m probably overthinking them. It was definitely a good move to bring the community over here as it’s been nice having it more in my face this past week. I’ve been reading all the posts and looking at all the code and I almost feel like I already know how to use it without having used it yet :sweat_smile: I already have a lot of experience with DDD, though, so that helps.