Changeset Helpers – Ease working with nested Changesets and associations

Anyone who had to deal with change-ing nested associations knows how strugglesome and tedious it can get.

This library provides for now three convenient functions.

  1. Nest a change into a changeset:
ChangesetHelpers.put_assoc(account_changeset, [:user, :config, :address], address_changeset)

A function may also be provided as third argument, which receives the nested changeset (or data wrapped by a new changeset) as argument and returns the modified changeset.

For example in the code below I change an empty entity and add it into the association (typically when you want to insert a new row of inputs in a form to add an entity into a collection of persisted entities):

ChangesetHelpers.put_assoc(account_changeset, [:user, :articles],
  &(Enum.concat(&1, [%Article{} |> Ecto.Changeset.change()])))
  1. Change a nested association:
{account_changeset, address_changeset} =
  ChangesetHelpers.change_assoc(account_changeset, [:user, :user_config, :address])
{account_changeset, address_changeset} =
  ChangesetHelpers.change_assoc(account_changeset, [:user, :user_config, :address], %{street: "Foo street"})

A tuple is returned containing the modified root changeset and the association changeset.

  1. Check whether a given field is different between two changesets:
{street_changed, street1, street2} =
  ChangesetHelpers.diff_field(account_changeset, new_account_changeset, [:user, :user_config, :address, :street])

It’s quite niche but I still wanted to share the work with you :grin:


Added fetch_field(changeset, keys) and fetch_change(changeset, keys) (and their bang ! versions).

street = ChangesetHelpers.fetch_field!(account_changeset, [:user, :config, :address, :street])
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Added add_error(changeset, keys, message, extra \\ []) to add an error in a nested changeset.

ChangesetHelpers.add_error(account_changeset, [:user, :config, :error_key], "An error message")