Create CRUD Applications with Phoenix Framework

I am new in elixir world, and it is fantastic programing language for me, I try to create CRUD app with Phoenix Framework, you can create with mix hello_world or mix ~/Workspace/hello_world --no-html --no-assets , my question is if want to create huge CRUD Apps like Pinterest for more than 100M users, it will be problem just work with API’s , for example your front end is React.js and your back end created with mix ~/Workspace/hello_world --no-html --no-assets . it will be problem?

Nope, no problem.

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Thx so much for ur answer, u prefer mix hello_world or mix ~/Workspace/hello_world --no-html --no-assets for it?

If you don’t use something its good idea to not generate it:

mix help | grep no- -                                                                                                                                                                               

Will output something like this:

  • --no-assets - do not generate the assets folder. When choosing this
  • --no-ecto - do not generate Ecto files
  • --no-html - do not generate HTML views
  • --no-gettext - do not generate gettext files
  • --no-dashboard - do not include Phoenix.LiveDashboard
  • --no-live - comment out LiveView socket setup in assets/js/app.js and
    also on the endpoint (the latter also requires --no-dashboard)
  • --no-mailer - do not generate Swoosh mailer files

Anything that you don’t use form the list you should add to the mix command.


Understand that, tnx so much

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