Elixir Boilerplate — a batteries-included starting point to build your application

We have been building digital products with Elixir and contributing to the community since 2014. We had a team goal to open-source the boilerplate repo we use and maintain to kickstart all of them; it now is :tada:

Here are the blocks we are building on:

  • Phoenix, the battle-tested production-ready web framework
  • Database integration using Ecto
  • Translations with Gettext
  • Tests and coverage with ExUnit and ExCoveralls
  • Linting with Credo
  • Static code analysis with Dialyzer/Dialyxir
  • Generate OTP release with Distillery and Docker
  • Useful utilities for web features: basic auth, canonical host, etc…
  • Error reporting with Sentry
  • A clean and useful README.md template

We hope this will help you build awesome apps!


FYI: We also shared our react and ember boilerplate repositories!