Elixir - pair? like Elm-pair?

Came across Elm Pair.

Wishing if there was something like this for Elixir :stuck_out_tongue:

Given Elixir 1.13 came up with Great compile time improvements, some benefit could be reaped. I guess (as per diagram ) it requires compilation every time.


When I saw Elm Pair, I felt it would be super to have an Elixir-pair, but what would it do? In Elm’s case you have to explicitly “import” a module if you want to use it, however that’s not the case with Elixir. So Elixir-pair could only help to remove unneeded imports and/or alias the modules once you start editing them? What else could it help with?

  1. Import , use and alias are used in elixir too.

  2. for more advanced use case, something like GitHub copilot - which can suggest best ways to complete the code.