Famous websites built with Elixir/Phoenix

Recently, I did some research and tried to spot some websites that were built with Elixir/Phoenix, but provide some more details instead of just being mentioned at Elixir Companies.

Here is what I found out:

  1. Financial Times, bet365 and other websites built with Elixir and Phoenix

  2. Case studies: Why Discord, Moz, Bleacher Report and Instagram switched to Elixir

In case you know about any cool website written in Elixir/Phoenix and providing some details about it, let me know!

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I believe EasyMile, who builts and operates autonomous vehicles, make good use of Elixir. But not sure if they use it for public facing website.

See Fleet management solution for autonomous vehicles - Serge Boucher - ElixirConf Eu 2018 … in fact, this very talk introduced me to elixir :wink:


Elixir Companies is open source. Feel free to contribute or suggest any enhancements you think would be useful.

We allow companies to include whatever details they want. Most choose to not disclose much of how they use Elixir


At my work we have one public interface but its for employees to use so it’s not really useful to show off (a lot of internal stuff though now). I have some personal projects with it but most of those are servers for various things with only consequential web interfaces to show stats and so forth. ^.^;

Thanks a lot for your feedback. Of course, Elixir Websites is the first address I chose to make a quick research, but as we have already established - most companies choose not to disclose details about Elixir use, so I combed through the internet a little bit deeper to make the article more thorough. Anyway, thank you!