FancySocks: Very Opinionated GraphQL Phoenix API

I wrote a small pet project called FancySocks ( to figure a lot of stuff out regarding the project structure, GraphQL, etc.

Hopefully I will have some free time soon to write a blog post about my decisions building this but for now you can just take a look.

It’s still very rough around the edges but I you’ll enjoy it anyway.

The listed website at the top of is giving a no server found error.

Looking forward to the blog post!

Anything of specific notes that you remember while developing it? :slight_smile:

Good catch, should have been https :wink:

So I wanted to build an GraphQL API that is easy to extend (see lib/fancy_socks/api/schema.ex) and I want to show how to build a structured “monolith” app instead of an umbrella one which can easily be moved to an umbrella app in a later stage if needed (separation of lib/fancy_socks/core and lib/fancy_socks/api directories)

Everything is still very rough, including my notes on the blog post but I’ll make something nice out of it :wink:

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