Indifferent key access


Just implemented a tiny library for Indifferent access on Elixir maps, hope it can be useful to someone, it’s something akin to Rails’ Hashes with indifferent access.

Github Repo
Hex Package


Huh, pretty cool. Could see many uses for that, especially in regards to parameter checking and such. :slight_smile:

Nice! I love the interface. This looks extremely valuable for working with external data, such as web request parameters, JSON and YAML.

May I ask why is this an application that needs to be added as a dependency list? I don’t see an application module anywhere or any spawning of processes - I thought applications where needed when you want to maintain state or resources…

All mix projects are OTP applications. Even if you don’t need it started other tools, such as release builders, need to know what applications are part of your project.

If you check out the 1.4 RC release announcement you can see how this will change for the better in the future.