Norbert "NobbZ" Melzer – Looking for part time opportunities to fill the weekends


I am @NobbZ and in this board since the beginning (± a week or so) and in the real world I am called “Norbert”.

I’m living close to Hamburg, Germany and am available to hire for up to 20 hours a month.

Sadly I do not have any practical experience with Elixir or Erlang, beyond what I do in the forum or for the erlang track.

Besides of Erlang and Elixir for hobby, I do Go and Python at my current job. Though I am known at the office to be able to pick any language in a reasonable time just enough to be able to communicate with our customers.

If you want to know more about me, please take a look at my GitHub profile.

I also have a profile to take a look at.

As I am still in my regular day job, my actual working time would be weekends/european nights only. And I am not able for relocation or do any non remote job (though I think I could be available for occasional in person meetings during the evening hours if necessary)


I would like to add that Norbert is one of our most active and senior moderators and holds the record for number of ‘accepted answers’ here on the forum - with almost a whopping 500!

He’s also on the Devtalk moderator team and I’ll just repeat what we wrote about him there:

Nuff said :003: