New Developer Profiles category

Creating this for those of you who would like to post that you are available for work/hire.

Perhaps a later date we can create a marketplace type section where people can post for specific things they need and others can quote, but for now lets see how this section goes.

Here’s the thread template - can you think of anything that needs to be added?

When posting please include as much of the following as you can (you can delete all this - just use it as a guide)

- your name
- your location
- whether you can travel/relocate or whether you prefer to work remotely
- your work experience
- the languages you know and how long you have worked with them
- the languages you are interested in
- your area of expertise
- a link to your site or online portfolio
- a link to your github account
- any other info you’d like to include/a short bio


Bio, maybe?

Ok added to the end - sound ok there?