pow integration without HTML

Hey Guys,

I was trying to use pow and pow_assent for autherisation in my phoenix app. But I am getting an error stating that -

(UndefinedFunctionError) function MyAppWeb.LayoutView.render/2 is undefined (module MyAppWeb.LayoutView is not available)

I am using the Pheonix project just for making APIs and that’s why I created the project with – no_html and – no_asset tags. Will I be able to use pow library in this case or i have to write it on my own?

Pow probably assumes there’s HTML views for things like password reset requests, etc. What happens if you just create the MyAppWeb.LayoutView module, like so?

defmodule MyAppWeb.LayoutView do
  use MyAppWeb, :view

Have tried to find alternative ways but it did not work. I think authorization can be applied with guardian library. It would work even if the project is initiated with --no-html and --no-assets