Valdi another datavalidation

I know that Vex is a great and popular data validation library. But learn how to write a library is fun and I can learn lots of things. So I build my own library called Valdi

  • It supports validate value against multiple validation:
iex(12)> Valdi.validate(10, type: :integer, number: [min: 10, max: 20])
iex(13)> Valdi.validate("email@g.c", type: :string, format: ~r/.+@.+\.[a-z]{2,10}/)
{:error, "format not matched"}
  • You can validate list of value
iex(51)> Valdi.validate_list([1,2,3], type: :integer, number: [min: 2])
{:error, [[0, "must be greater than or equal to 2"]]}
  • And validate map data too
iex(54)>  validation_spec = %{
...(54)>     email: [type: :string],
...(54)>     password: [type: :string, length: [min: 8]],
...(54)>     age: [type: :integer, number: [min: 16, max: 60]]
...(54)>   }
iex(56)> Valdi.validate_map(%{name: "dzung", password: "123456", emal: "", age: 28}, validation_spec)
{:error, %{password: "length must be greater than or equal to 8"}}

Thank for reading.
Please comment if you have any suggestion.

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My comments would be pretty much the same as here :wink:


Thank you for your comment. I used Ecto.Changeset before and there are some reason why I build another one:

  • Some simple project or library, using Ecto is overkill
  • I need a simple and clean way. Changeset neet much code to do the same thing
    Using Ecto.Changeset
types = %{a: :integer}
data = %{a: "hello"}
default = %{}
changeset = 
    {default, types} 
    |> Ecto.Changeset.cast(data, Map.keys(types)) 
    |> Ecto.Changeset.validate_required([:a]) 
    |> Ecto.Changeset.validate_number(greater_than: 5)

Using Valdi

data_spec = %{a: [type: :integer, required: true, number: [greater_than: 5]}
Valdi.validate(%{a: "hello"}, data_spec)

I have tried wrapping Ecto before but I have to do some hack to support nested and dynamic default value


Love this answer!

Coming from python world, where things like cerberus exist, validating request params with Ecto felt like hunting a fly with AR.

Thanks for this minimalistic library!

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Thank you. Love to hear that. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: