Wasm and ssr

How about webassembly and serversiderendering with Elixir ?

I see no connection.


someone is working on it:

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I am actually working on WASM in elixir backends:

It uses wasmer.io to execute WASM in a NIF. It already works for WASM and full WASI support is very close.
The people at wasmer.io are currently rewriting their engine, which promises sizable performance improvements. I am currently porting wasmex to their (at the moment private) rewrite.

The API of wasmex should stay relatively stable, I know of at least two projects already using it in production.

Both wasmer and the wasmex NIF are written in rust - which should reduce the likeliness of crashes compared to other NIf’s from random internet strangers :wink:

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I’ve been toying with wasm on the front side… using Rust, wasm-pack and wasm-bindgen to build a wasm powered web component. You can use it in any templates, or frameworks by using the custom tag.

But as @hauleth mentionned, it’s not connected to ssr :slight_smile:

I am expecting a lot of lumen, to have BEAM available as wasm.