2019/02/28 - Code BEAM SF - San Francisco

Call for proposals is now open for Code BEAM SF 19 - North America’s biggest conference covering Elixir and Erlang!

SUBMIT YOUR PROPOSAL :point_right: http://bit.ly/2xJ5OWt

Our programme committee will review proposals for the following themes:

Experienced in Erlang and/or Elixir? Do you have a point of view that would help beginners who are unsure of where to dig in? In this track, you will share your experience, giving beginners a sense of the lay of the software ecosystem, help the community, and contribute back to everyone’s benefit.

Erlang and Elixir’s popularity is growing but it’s not always clear what off-the-shelf software is useful in production quality systems. We’re looking for existing production systems’ maintainers to share what they use to monitor and test their systems. This track will include the war stories and experience reports of novice and expert users alike.

Every new domain that Erlang and Elixir push into brings a new class of problems and a new class of solutions. In this track, you’ll share your experience, where things have been peachy and where they haven’t been so much. The audience will walk away with a more clear idea of how to build highly reliable software.

Calling all leading experts and Elixir committers about new language constructs, VM implementations, and powerful libraries which form the Erlang eco-system. You will share how many of its features work and how to best use them to write fast and efficient code.

In this track, leading experts and committers will present new and leading frameworks such as (but not limited to) Phoenix, MongooseIM, Nerves and RabbitMQ. They will share how these frameworks work, how to best use them and where not to use them.

Scaling vertically by adding more powerful hardware is a thing of the past. We scaled horizontally, by adding more commodity hardware. With mega-core architectures, we have the choice of adding more hardware, more cores, or both. Erlang-style concurrency puts us ahead of the game when it comes to scaling with both approaches.


Call for talks has been extended until this Monday 05 November!
>> Submit or suggest an Elixir talk!

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We have some exciting Elixir speaker announcements for #CodeBEAMSF 2019! :smiley:

Before we share our news later this week, who would you like to see talk about Elixir and Phoenix ain San Fran?

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The first speakers for Code BEAM SF 19 have been announced! Including a keynote from José Valim!

Code BEAM SF - 28 Feb-01 Mar 2019
Very early bird tickets on sale from Monday 19 Nov 18!

cc @josevalim


Code BEAM SF is honored to announce that @therealreal as a platinum and #diversity sponsor at this year’s conference!

The RealReal is committed to diversity, and has donated 5 places to #CodeBEAMSF to under-represented groups in tech. Apply to win one a diversity scheme place until 03 Feb 2019!


Early bird rates end at midnight tonight! This applies to conference passes, training, and certification!

Join keynote speaker Jose Valim, and members of the Elixir core team; James Fish and Andrea Leopardi!

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The schedule for Code BEAM SF has landed! Plan your conference and start clash-finding right away!

If you don’t have your ticket already, standard rates apply until 19 February! Register here.

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