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#I am

Elixir-OTP/Meta Programmer
|> Ember JS Developer
|> Graphic Designer
|> Technical Writer
|> YouTuber

#Name |> Ankanna

Availabel for hire remote/onsite

##: location
Anantapur - Andhra Pradesh - INDIA

##: Elixir Experience -2016
project_name: SCADA

@doc ~S """_    
Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition - 
A computer system for gathering and analyzing real time data 
used to monitor and control a solar plant.

In the case of the transmission and distribution elements of
electrical utilities, **SCADA** will monitor substations, transformers 
and other electrical assets.


[prog_lang: Elixir, framework: Phoenix, database: Riak, frontend: Emberjs]

. project_name: CoAP Constrained Application Protocol

IOT Communication Protocol & M2M

@doc ~S """_    
CoAP is an application layer protocol that is intended for use in
resource-constrained internet devices, such as WSN nodes. 

CoAP is designed to easily translate to HTTP for simplified integration 
with the web, while also meeting specialized requirements such as
multicast support, very low overhead, and simplicity.


[prog_lang: Elixir, domain: IOT,type: Elixirpackage ]

###Simple Elixir Hex Packages

ExList - Extended Functionalities for the List Module in Elixir

IsX - Extended Content truthiness package as elixir has only: nil

Typex - Extended Type Spec for Finding type of argument with some meta information

Printex - Console stdout color print with background colors and formats like error, info etc.

#BlackBerry Mobile Applications

Environment – Qt/QML.jQuery,C++,Momentics, AES, RSA
API Driven Development


  • Tlegram Client BlackBerry Enterprise Application


  • Slack client -BlackBerry Enterprise Application


  • Asana client -BlackBerry Enterprise Application


  • BaseCamp client -BlackBerry Enterprise Application

##Portfolio Links

###Code Armor

Technical & Elixir Writings

YouTube - Vim Editor Tips

###Graphic Designing



Let me know if you’d interested for full time here

@greenz1 :bouquet: :bouquet:
Thanks for your interest in me.
That is really great side of you. I have gone through the Job Post .

It is clearly mentioned that no option for remote work, but actually I am looking for the Remote work. If you are interested for remote work then we can make another step of discussion over this.

Thank You
Malreddy Ankanna

Okay. That’s fine. I mistook this statement and thought you were available for full-time

Hi there

Our SaaS product is a progress tracking solution for construction companies. It is a real time web application built with Elixir on Erlang VM using the Phoenix framework for back end with a PostgreSQL database.

The front end is React.js and Redux. There’s also a SemanticUI CSS and JS library for UI/UX.

It’s hosted on Heroku and uses some AWS for storage.

If you are adept with the Elixir and Phoenix framework, along with React + Redux, this is the perfect project for you to work on medium to long term as we have lots of big ambitions. Signed NDA and IP transfer will be required in advance of acceptance.

Let me know if you’re interested, but ONLY if you can handle the full stack please.