Exdoc documentation could not be found

I have published a new version to hex.pm but documentation page says couldn’t find page https://hexdocs.pm/fat_ecto/0.1.3/README.html and the library can be found at https://github.com/tanweerdev/fat_ecto and hex.pm is showing old version of the library. Thanks, any help will be really appreciated.

Note: docs successfully compiled and tested on local

Looking at your mix.exs file you have:

docs: [
        main: "README", # The main page in the docs
        # logo: "path/to/logo.png",
        extras: ["README.md"]

For main: I believe it is expecting a module name, not a filename. So the index will be blank. That is perhaps why there is an error from Hexdocs. As far as the link you supplied above, it should be lowercase, and it works: https://hexdocs.pm/fat_ecto/0.1.3/readme.html


I have lowercased readme and it works in the versions section(it doesn’t expect module name. I have tested on local) of hex but in the links section of the hex, it doesn’t redirect to latest version of docs

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Awesome, I am glad you got that working. I thought it only took a module name, I learned something :+1: As far as the hex page not pointing to the current version of the documentation, yeah I am getting the same result on my end. I don’t know what the problem is there. Perhaps a caching issue on hex’s end. I would :email: contact hex support and let them know.

That would be great. Thanks

The issue is still there. Did you get any response from the support?

It should be fixed now. I just checked and it appears to be working.

yes its fixed now. Thanks