Good resources to learn OTP

Hey, I want to learn Elixir OTP and I wanted to know if there are any good resources that teach it. I found some web pages, but none of them is detailed.



I think this one is wonderful, probably the best course I’ve ever taken: Developing With Elixir and OTP Course | The Pragmatic Studio

The Pragmatic books are also wonderful, both the “basic” ones (Programming Elixir, Programming Phoenix), but especially if you want to dig even deeper with the advanced ones. See q=elixir

Interestingly, Pragmatic Studio and Pragmatic Books have nothing in common, as far as I know. It’s just coincidence in names I think. And of course I keep confusing them and land on the “wrong” website every time I am looking for one of them :slight_smile:

EDIT: oh and OF COURSE Sasa Jurcic’s Elixir in Action (2nd edition) is an absolute must have! Elixir in Action, Second Edition

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I would recommend the official elixir guide. The relevant chapters start with Introduction to Mix.

Not the whole guide is directly related to OTP only but I think it’s a very well thought through package you get.


Will check them out!

Thanks, will read those as well!

One good free resource… in Erlang.

If You can deal with the syntax difference :slight_smile:

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Speaking of Erlang resources, the legendary LYSE is a fabulous material well worth reading for Elixir users too. It’s in-depth, but written in very playful way. And to be honest, after a short while the Erlang syntax is fairly easy to read and write for any elixirista!


It looks like a great place to learn more the “theory-side” of OTP since I don’t know Erlang. (I’m planning to learn it in the future, though. :slightly_smiling_face:) Pretty cool, thanks!

Thanks again!

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I would suggest going through Elixir in Action - you’ll roll your own simple version of GenServer and get introduced to other OTP concepts.

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Concurrent Data Processing in Elixir also covers OTP with some useful practice scenarios.

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Thanks, will check it out!

Looks interesting, thank you!