Is Elixir useful in anything other than Embedded/Web development?

I liked Elixir but will it help me do stuff other than Embedded development and Web development? Should I learn Elixir if I am not interested in Web Development?

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What field of software development are you particulary interested in?

I do programming as a hobby, I like doing maths, automating tasks(including internet interactions) and console app development with a PL.

You then should take a look at Elixir’s escripts (Executables)

You can use Elixir to write console applications using it. For simple maths I would recomend just using Elixir’s iex

There is a big range of apps that Elixir is useful for. I’ve seen and done:

  • Web crawlers
  • Trading bots
  • Messaging services (Whatsapp, Discord)
  • Desktop apps (e.g. Wings3D)
  • Command line tools & scripts (e.g. rebar)

But usage of Elixir specifically for webapps is at the moment the one use case with the biggest ecosystem support I would say



In my last gig I wrote a virtual machine orchestrator, (deployed to prod, revenue positive).

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