Livesup - Adding transparency to the services you use and simplifying the information you need when you need it

Hello there! :wave:

I would like to announce a new Elixir/Phoenix app that we have been working on for a few weeks already.
We think that the project is ready to be shared (it might not be ready to be used :D) with the community and see what you all think about it. We are really interested in your feedback (positive AND negative!!), so please don’t be shy!

Livesup was born with the intention to solve a personal issue. To do my job, I have to check more than 10 different services (or more), every single day. That’s time consuming, especially when you just wanna do a quick check.

What the application does for you, is to read data from all those different services and concentrate the information in one place. I know, it’s not a super smart/fresh/new idea, but hey, we needed a real project to work on Elixir!

Some of the widgets are not just showing the data, they are performing some transformation and adding more value to it. For instance the Github pull request widget, not only shows the last N pull requests, but uses colors (red: old, yellow: not so old, green: new) to indicate which are the oldest ones that might require more attention.

The member’s team widget is not just showing the member of the team, but also the timezone and a sun or a moon icon, to kind of give you an idea of people’s work/free time.

Screenshot 2022-04-27 at 10.07.38

The app is in a very early stage, and things can (will) drastically change, but it’s “working” :smiling_face:. There are a lot of things that we would like to improve, especially around the UI/liveviews/components and authorization, but you know, we also have families, full time jobs, and we are living in a crazy world, so things take time.

This is our first Elixir project so I’m sure there is a lot of room for improvement. And this is why we wanted to have something live asap. To prove the idea but to also try to get ideas around the decisions we had made.

So far, It has been a great journey, we love Elixir and the community. This project is a thank you to you all and the Open Source community in general! :hearts:

You can find more documentation here. Still a lot of work is required around docs, but I hope it helps.