Microsoft's Project Everest - is support available in an Elixir library?

This is an open source project by Microsoft ( Just wanted to know if its support is available in any of the Elixir library?

Thank you.

We are a team of researchers and engineers from several organizations, including Microsoft Research, Carnegie Mellon University, INRIA, and the MSR-INRIA joint center.

Everest is a recursive acronym: It stands for the “Everest VERified End-to-end Secure Transport”.

The HTTPS Ecosystem

The HTTPS ecosystem (HTTPS and TLS protocols, X.509 public key infrastructure, crypto algorithms) is the foundation on which Internet security is built. Unfortunately, this ecosystem is brittle, with headline-grabbing attacks such as FREAK and LogJam and emergency patches many times a year.

Project Everest addresses this problem by constructing a high-performance, standards-compliant, formally verified implementation of components in HTTPS ecosystem, including TLS, the main protocol at the heart of HTTPS, as well as the main underlying cryptographic algorithms such as AES, SHA2 or X25519.

At the TLS level, for instance, we are developing new implementations of existing and forthcoming protocol standards and formally proving, by reduction to cryptographic assumptions on their core algorithms, that our implementations provide a secure-channel abstraction between the communicating endpoints. Implementations of the core algorithms themselves are also verified, producing performant portable C code or highly optimized assembly language.

We aim for our verified components to be drop-in replacements suitable for use in mainstream web browsers, servers, and other popular tools and are actively working with the community at large to improve the ecosystem.

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