Ramp Up Your Elixir Learning - a prize draw from Plataformatec!

Hey folks!

Now everyone already knows who we are,we would like to share our latest action towards Elixir learning, a draw!

As we already did before, we partnered with Pragmatic Studio, that offered the Multi-Player Bingo course, and we are offering 3 books as prizes of our draw. Here they are:

  1. Adopting Elixir, written by José Valim, Bruce Tate and Ben Marx.
  2. Learn Funcional Programming with Elixir, written by Ulisses Almeida,
  3. Phoenix for Rails Developers, by Elvio Viçosa
  4. Multi-Player Bingo, a course by Pragmatic Studio

The winner gets it all, and the application must be made by April 08, 2018 (GMT -3).

We’ll reveal the lucky winner on Elixir Radar, issue 138, which will be released on April 11th.

Get your chance here!