React Server Components ( React Teams take on LiveView?)

Happy holidays everyone, I feel like Christmas has come early!

Posted today by the React team:
Introducing Zero-Bundle-Size React Server Components ā€“ React Blog (

This looks an awful lot like LiveView - especially when combined with Surface! (about 25 minutes into the video they demonstrate what is essentially a live_patch)

I have been experimenting with rewriting a React SPA(phoenix/gql backend) into something server rendered with LiveView + Surface, have the impression that this move by the React team helps validate that decision.

RFC: React Server Components by josephsavona Ā· Pull Request #188 Ā· reactjs/rfcs Ā· GitHub

The first comment on the RFC ^ likens React Server Components to technologies like ASP.NET Blazorā€¦ Wonder if all the Facebook erlang work has been towards bringing React Server Components to the erlang/elixir ecosystem?

Big shout out to all the folks involved with Phoenix + LiveView ( +Surface) for setting this trend, or maybe seeing into the future :stuck_out_tongue:



Yeah, as soon as I saw the React announcement, I headed over here to see if folks were already talking about it.

What makes the React Server Components a bit cooler is interactive markup (that jsx) lives in the same tree for both client and server rendering. Client states are untouched. Their immediate format sent over the wire is smart enough to merge particular component from server into the client react tree.

Though Iā€™m for backend solidarity :smiley: