Thinking about doing some Elixir and Phoenix video tutorials

Hello everyone, I am interested in starting a YouTube channel about programming, mostly about the Elixir ecosystem, reason being teaching is my passion, I want to share knowledge with people, which in turn help me grow and most importantly improve my communication skills especially when explaining things to people. This will be a hobby thing, not really interested in revenue or what not. I know there are good resources out there, some of them are paid, however I also want to contribute as well to the community through making such content. I also want to use Elixir School, which is a great resource as a reference to structure the tutorials So from a beginners perspective, so what topics or things someone can benefit from, especially those new to Elixir and Phoenix Framework?
I hope this is the right place to ask. I value your feedback, thank you.


Best of luck! Even with a lot of great resources out there, I’m always in favor of more, and teaching can also be a great way to solidify your own understanding of something.

Something that comes to mind: Andrea Leopardi somewhat recently released a series of him solving the Protohackers challenges in Elixir that was very well received. Something that set it apart from other teaching material is that it is very “real world” — solving actual problems and showing his actual development process — as opposed to “canned” learning exercises. Something structured in a similar way may be worth exploring.


Thank you @zachallaun that’s a good point, will bear that in mind.