Are there any graphical plotting libraries in elixir?

I watched the screencast by José Valim about livebook and it looks really nice! :slight_smile: I was wondering are there any good options/libraries for visualizing? I envision piping your data/results in some graphical function and produce al kinds of plots for example histograms, heat maps, networks etc…


One library to look at is Contex by @mindok:

It generates SVG charts so it works well with Phoenix LiveView, which I believe means it would work well with LiveBook. Although you’d probably want an additional glue library to simplify the creation of common charts.


I have been working on a library that apes the ggplot2 API for a few months as a hobby project. It has boxplots! But beyond that one point of pride, none of the elixir graphing libraries of which I am aware really do the suite of statistical transformations that we expect from full fledged visualization tools; my sense is that the focus has been on things that work well for dashboards, (and sensibly so since those are a great use case for LiveView.) I would like to get histograms and faceting into GGity one of these days, at least.

I will be interested to see how LiveBook implements this capability - whether they try to build something in Elixir or just build hooks to an established library like d3.