Available for short-term work

If anyone needs an Elixir dev for some short-term work (not full-time, but I can probably put in up to 20 hours a week), I’m available for anything from an hour up for the next couple weeks.

If you don’t already know me by my handle, I’m the author of:

  • exrm/distillery
  • conform
  • timex
  • exprotobuf
  • combine
  • swarm
  • libcluster
  • libring

I’ve been working with Elixir for a couple of years now, and would be glad to help ramp up a dev, sort out a tricky problem you’re dealing with, write some code, help you set up your deployment pipeline, or if you want to just pay me to fix a bug or add a feature that’s important to you to one of my libraries, I’m open to that as well (in the case of features, I won’t just add something because I’m being paid, but if it’s something I think is beneficial to the project, or doesn’t add undue mx burden, I’m all ears).

If you have something that you think fits the bill, shoot me a PM on here, and I can send you my contact details privately.



Can you contact me on khaleda@hotmail.com
Or Skype khalloud.aly

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We are looking for some project related Erlang / Elixir developers (banking and payments related) - project is headquartered in New York but can participate remotely. Please email me at gordon@bairdpartnersltd.com Gordon Baird

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