Build on CI taking too long. Cause: compiling!

So, I’m using to build my phoenix project and it’s taking a lot of time compiling the code.

Something like: my tests take 11s and compilation takes 109s due to dependency compiling.

Is there a way to cache the compiled elixir dependencies on travis, like it’s done for bundler for example?

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Well I had some advance here. Putting this:

    - deps
    - _build

On my .travis.yml and it reduced the compilation time to 28s, now it’s compiling just my projects, which is ok for now.

Do you know if travis have any plans to cache mix dependencies as they do with bundler and cocoapods?

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Are you sure it wasn’t because of your CI system’s CPUs swordfighting on rolling swivel chairs? :wink: (


Sure! Forgot that’s the universal excuse… :lol:

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