Expublish - Automates semantic release versioning and best practices for elixir packages

Expublish provides a mix task that helps package maintainers keeping a clean, meaningful and trackable version history. It follows semantic versioning conventions while executing a series of best practices before releasing a new package version.

Those include verifying a clean git working directory, passing tests, a new git commit and tag as well as a new curated change log entry.

The mix task makes it straight forward for contributors or colleagues to get their changes out of the door, not having to manually perform a list of steps that might vary from project to project and are easy to get wrong.

Use it from a CI server to continuously release new package versions, especially useful when your repository receives frequent updates.

Things like a ready github action might follow in the future.



This looks pretty neat! Can you clarify if mix expublish.minor (as an example command) will publish to hex.pm?

Yes it would. One can control the tasks behaviour with a bunch of different options like --disable-publish, --disable-push, of course --dry-run and more.

The docs are a bit all over the place but most of the things should be in there. All kind of feedback and ideas are appreciated here or in a github issue! Thanks @axelson !


This is really cool, I was just thinking about building something like this!

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2.5.0 - 28. Feb 2021 22:29

  • Support updating project version in mix.exs module attribute
  • Support --version-file option considered when updating project version

Thanks for the cool library!

How does it relate to semantic release?
Would it be possible to use both libraries beside each other?

Hi @elitau, i haven’t used the semantic-release npm package, but glancing over the highlights it seems to achieve the same thing while being much more feature complete and polished than expublish is (:
Also, expublish exlusively helps streamlining elixir package releases to public or private hex repositories, while semantic-release seems to help you publish libraries in the js ecosystem, namely npm. You’ll want to be using one or the other!

2.7.3 - 3. May 2022

Relevant changes since the last update here:

  • Fix --allow-untracked ensuring that untracked files are not added in the release commit
  • ISO 8601 formatted changelog entry date by default
  • Fail mix task with appropriate exit code to fail CI runs
  • Loosen Elixir version constraint to 1.8
  • Improved documentation
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