Plug.Static and how to serve files?

Let’s say I configure some of the assets (user uploads) to be served at /uploads:

plug Plug.Static,
  at: "/uploads",
  from: {:my_app, Application.fetch_env!(:my_app, :uploads_directory)}

plug Plug.Static,
  at: "/",
  from: :my_app
  only: ~w(css fonts images js favicon.ico robots.txt)

How do I create img elements (for those user uploads) using that configuration? I guess there is a way to not hardcode “/uploads” for all the src attributes for the uploads?

Imagine I change the :at path from “/uploads” to something else, if I hardcoded “/uploads” in my img elements, I would have a huge application-wide refactor.

Wrap whatever you do with the paths of files in a function and use that function.

It’s a pity that this plug doesn’t take a param like “name” (which I would set e.g. to “upload”), then in the view I could write something like:

src="<%= upload_path(@conn, src_path) %>"

And the src path will be prefixed by the path configured in the Plug (:at).

Ofc I could write that function myself (this is what you suggested if I understood correctly). But I think something like that could be included be default.

Plug.Static cannot do that. There’s no concept of route generation in plug at all. Phoenix does add that as part of its endpoint and router, but afaik static_path is not aware of Plug.Static. It just creates paths relative to your endpoint’s root. And that root can even be moutned in a folder as well, e.g. at The conn struct might never be aware of that when mounted behind a reverse proxy and the /some/folder part might only configured as part of MyApp.Endpoint's configuration.

Well there’s always a way to make things happen:D I think that there should be something on top of Plug Static that allows to generate paths based on the options given to Plug Static. In lack of that, in every project I’ll have to create helper functions in order to reflect these configurations in the views for the paths to the concerned assets.