Typex - Type checker and Type Informer

Librayr url : Typex Hex Package
Module Name

Typex Helps us to find the type of the argument passed.


  • typeof(arg) – String Format
  • type_info() – Map Format

Features Included:

  1. String Representation
    2: Type and its value as map
  2. Type ,value and some Information like empty list , empty map

Important Links

  1. Hex Package: https://hex.pm/packages/typex
  2. Github LinK: https://github.com/blackode/typex
  3. Documentation: https://hexdocs.pm/typex/Typex.html



Just made out of curiosity.
We will encounter the situation that what kind of data is passing as parameter to the function. It helps while debugging the code. It mainly useful in the cases like checking whether we are passing correct format of data for pattern matching or some other. After considering all above requirements I just came up with this module. This is so easy to develop.

needle is small, its functions are big

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