Are there any learning resources available now for the latest version of liveview?

For the past two weeks I have tried to learn liveview using the course corresponding to the Programming Phoenix LiveView book. I believe this course is the latest version of the book. But it still falls short of the latest version of liveview, especially regarding the handling of live_component. This has caused me a lot of confusion in learning. I’m not sure if there is a more recommended resource for learning liveview or if I should wait until liveview is more stable before using it.

The Phoenix part seems very smooth and understandable, and the official documentation is readable.

Thanks for any suggestions.

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Liveview is still not a stable version, meaning that with new versions, breaking changes can be introduced. Companies I have worked at used liveview to power countless projects, that even to this moment run in production, so from this point of view it is very stable.

As for learning resources, just read the liveview documentation, create a new liveview project using the mix and compare it to a simple phoenix project and you can read about the things powering the liveview like phoenix channels.


I don’t know if it is for the latest version, but the Dave Thomas course ( Elixir for Programmers, Second Edition) includes LiveView instruction.

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I learnt LiveView from a course by PragmaticStudios.

I am able to learn the latest version of LiveView, after going through that course, even though they don’t cover the latest one.


I second the Pragmatic Studio course as it has seen some updates. Having said that, Programming Liveview is still very good.


They’re working on an update to the course:

Formatting Phoenix HEEx Templates in VS Code



That’s great news. :grinning:

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