Error when trying to set up Honeycomb/OpenTelemetry with Phoenix app

I’m trying to get Honeycomb set up with my Elixir/Phoenix app. I’ve been following the guide in this blog post by Dave Lucia as a starting place.

It seemed to be going OK, but my app won’t start when I deploy it to The error I get from flyctl logs is:

2023-03-07T15:50:11Z app[20e7bcfd] lhr [info]
  "Kernel pid terminated",

tls_certificate_check is not something I’ve set up, it’s added as a dependency of OpenTelemetry. So I’m not sure what it’s looking for and not finding. As far as I’ve been able to find, that’s the only diagnostic info I can locate.

Googling hasn’t given me any directions to try, so I’m feeling a bit stuck. Can anyone suggest anything to look at?

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enonet means it can’t find the file.

Do you have tls_certificate_check added as a dependency? I’m not familiar with this library but it is also possible you have to add a worker to the application file.

Or if that all checks out you might have a configuration issue where it is looking in the wrong place?

As far as I can tell, tls_certificate_check is only there as a transitive dependency of the Open Telemetry dependencies I have in my mix.exs. None of the docs that I’ve found mention any config for it, so I can believe that it’s failing to find a file, but I don’t know which one. When I have a moment (busy day, so far!) I’ll check the source code for that lib to see if it’s clearer what it’s looking for.

It looks the file that is missing/can’t find is here:

You can change where it is looking for the CA cert in the config.

The option type for the library is tls_client_option() which has one option: {cacertfile, client_cafile()}

This looks like it might work:

config :tls_certificate_check, file: "/path/to/ca/file.pem"

Also from the documentation it looks like you can disable it just to see it that resolves the error.

config :tls_certificate_check, use_otp_trusted_CAs: false

Thanks @BradS2S. Looking into this some more, I can reproduce the image if I run the Docker container locally, so it’s nothing to do with So that eliminates one variable!

On my dev machine, there are two copies of pubkey_os_cacerts.erl: one under the asdf install tree and one in /usr/lib/erlang/lib/public_key-1.13/src/. So I’m assuming it’s installed as part of the Erlang/Elixir installation.

If I shell into the Docker container, that pubkey file is nowehere in the image. I’m starting with hexpm/elixir:1.14.2-erlang-25.1.2-debian-bullseye-20221004-slim as my base image, so I’m left with two hypotheses: either I should use a different base image for my Docker build, which does contain the missing file. Or I should add a step in the Dockerfile to either copy the missing files from my local copy (which seems like a bit of a hack, tbh) or install some additional package which will provision the pubkey_os_cacerts.erl file correctly.

Anyone have any suggestions?

(PS I haven’t tried just disabling the check. Saving that for a last resort!)

Maybe add install to your docker file

RUN apt-get update
RUN apt-get install erlang-public-key

or I think this is how you do it for alpine:

RUN apk add --no-cache erlang-public-key

or just find a different docker image?

good luck :slight_smile:

In the end, the solution was to apt-get install erlang into the image.

Thanks again for your help, @BradS2S


Glad it worked out :slight_smile: